Thursday, November 10, 2005

Delhi Calling!!!

After a spate of cancellations and re bookings we finally seem to be getting ready to rock Delhi for the week end. Gosh!!High enthusiasm levels.Last minute additions in packing happening. We had met the other day to discuss about the gift n the wardrobe. These guys managed to completely freak me out when it came to choosing my apparals. They gave me a strict ultimatum that I should be buying a NEW trouser and NEW shoes and a NEW t shirt...else they wont show any sign of acknowledging my existance in the wedding party. I tried once to protest, but was duly put back into my place by the usual - below the belt maligning my profession line - " Yeh sab phate kapde aur chotte t shirt tumhari ad agency mein chal jaate hain dilli ki party mein nahi chalenge...waha chaukidaar tumhe andar ghusne hie nahi dega.Usse tujhe toh kuch fark nahi padega par hamari nak kat jayegi."

So dilligently went to shopping the next day.Which ended up burning a crater in the pocket. Now am not ina position to buy new clothes for the next few months.

Nonetheless, I am generally very excited. Not in mood to work at all. Manan subah se mere pichche ek line ke liye pada hai jo abhi dopeher tak maine use nahi di.

On the other hand by right foot is fucken massive.And to add to my woes its bigger than my left foot. Yesterday got these sooper pair of shoes. They are slightly tight in theres no room for movement inside.Kalyani was against it but i was completely in love with the design so,i thought, might as well take a chance.But now altho my left foot is right foot has started aching...hope it doesnt turn worse.

24 more hours for us to reach Mumbai Central station. Maan I cant wait...

PS. Mystic Bard's Law of Probability: The probability of you getting a new time consuming, thought provoking, attention seeking assignment is the highest when you are going on leave the next day.


Blogger karuna said...

Ohhh dilli... wonderful shopping... ridiculous city... but have fun :)

November 16, 2005 10:53 PM

Blogger Sublime Thoughts said... ya of course good..but as far as the city goes I kinda like it sometimes...donno why no tangible reason.Never stayed there for more than a week.So no emotional attachement as such.Probably whenever i go to Delhi I end up having lotsa fun thats why..

November 17, 2005 5:00 AM


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