Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend Part II

So that was about Saturday. Sunday was fun too. Inspite of reaching home at 1.30 am I got up at 7.00 next day morning to go to Prithvi to watch Roman Polanski’s Macbeth at 9 am and Kurosawa’s “Throne of Blood” at 11 pm. So there we were Kalyani and me meeting at Chemburnaka at 7.45 am (Such is the passion that I wasn’t late for this one inspite of the early morning time) Luckily got a 358 which dropped us near NM College.

About the movies. I especially liked Polanski’s Macbeth. His atmosphere creation was out of this world. So was his screenplay and direction. Not to mention the famous scene where the kid turns towards his mother and says, “Mother he just killed me!” That scene just hits you.

Kurosawa’s Throne of blood was impressive too but what hampered the effect of it was watching two movies in succession early in the morning. Since we had got up early we were anyways struggling to keep our eyes open to add to it watching another movie having the same story was just too much for us. We took short naps in between the movie. Ya …I know I know I slept in between a Kurosawa movie! How bad is that?

Left Prithvi at 1.30 pm. Went to Khasiyaat and had lovely parathas. Came back. Went to class. It’s getting tougher by the day. Sarosh asked me to do some exercises so that my fingers get used to stretching.
From class went to station and took a new Tata cell phone for Muma. Came back. Kalyani came over by then. Had a cup of tea made by me (It was a disaster). Felt nice sitting in your own house with just the kind of ambience, the music, (Farida Khanum), the lights everything…just what we were wishing for some years back…God’s Grace,What else?


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