Friday, September 09, 2005


Had gone to visit TP in the evening. Had a long chat. He freaked out the moment he saw me. He was like “Whoa! You are a big man!” I said, “Hey chill I look a hell lot older for my age.” Anyways comin back to what we discussed…Ya so he said that you have to write for the masses. Don’t write for your fellow writers, that he said is the main drawback of an advertising copywriter. Most of the copywriters he said write for their fellow writers. Which I completely agree. What else? Hmmm…Quite a few things worth writing home about.

Don’t be in a hurry to make a film. Don’t set targets like I have to make a film within 2 or 3 years or so on.

Don’t make it compulsory that ‘my first film will be my best film.’

Do this when you are writing your film. As you do in advertising come out with a target audience for your film. At the end of the day even if it’s a creative product it has to be sold and we need takers for it. One thing that he told he does and recommends it to me is: Come down from your high-rise apartment. Stand on the road and look at the people passing by. The auto rickshaw walla, the aunty taking the sabzi, the kids coming out of classes, the dukandar, the salesman etc etc and ask yourselves will they be keen on seeing your movie? Will they understand your movie and appreciate it? It’s a call that needs to be taken. Whether you are making your movie for a handful of people who sit in a cocoon of their own and claim to be the connoisseurs of cinema or get down to the actual grassroot level and not use the movie as a medium to show your intense falsified pseudo-intelligence. Yes, it’s a powerful medium and it need not be just wasted on item numbers or cheap gags but what will be worse is you use it to pat your own back by show things in a complicated way,things which can very well be shown in a simple but endearing manner. Anyways I digress. The rule being – Know thy audience.

It’s easy to write an intelligent and complicated film but its damn tough to write a simple and straightforward film.
Need to watch more of Tarantino.


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