Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend Part I

Had a fun weekend. Saturday watched Iqbal with Kalyani and loved it. The trio of Shreyas, Shweta and Naseerbhai was just mindblowing. Their chemistry was bang on and they were oozing natural energy. It was a treat. Good to see Shreyas has broken free from the Marathi mould and made his mark nationally. The road ahead will be more difficult though. He will have to choose intelligently.

In the evening we guys met up at Jante’s house for Ganpati. Had loadsa fun. Ate kanda poha that his mom had prepared. Then came down and sat near the college for sometime. We were our usual selves again after a long time. But the real interesting part began after that. Sood went back with his friends. We decided to go drinking. Raman as usual was cribbing about Mahabaleshwar so we thought we would first check Indiana out. Turned out that even tough they don’t have it as a dance bar any more they still have the same sitting arrangement with sofas and tables and a lady singing with an orchestra behind her yuck!! We squirmed and came out. I told Raman that we will take you to the filthiest of bars but we won’t take you to such places, don’t worry! As if that was any solace for him.

Anyways the highlight of the evening was the conversation that we had in Mahabaleshwar. Samir initiated it (I know it’s a bit tough to imagine) He said that lets play a game wherein every person speaks about the negatives and positives about each other.

It turned out to be a healthy and interesting discussion. There were the obvious observations and also the not so obvious ones.

For Samir the obvious remark was that he seems too aloof most of the times and that he never calls on his own. But at the same time whenever he’s with everybody he is 100% there. Also there is the genuine charm about him that makes him more likable and lovable. Samir also has this amazing perspicuity in knowing people and their nature that makes him one of the more matured persons in the group. Also Between Raman and Samir both had a conversation on why they don’t open up to each other. Both have an equal role to play. Samir on his own never discusses his personal life and Raman is not too good at probing.

With Raman everybody agreed on his innocence, which sometimes makes him look negative, but at the same time it’s that innocence that makes him so adorable. If he takes people for granted he also makes it a point to constantly stay in touch with them. I took the privilege of offending Raman to the max. I told that donno what is it but there are situations wherein I am not sure whether Raman is completely open or not which is why I don’t take that chance of actually telling or asking about somethings to him.

There was a consensus that Jante is a ‘Muhfat’. He can’t sugarcoat things. And when it comes to arguing without reason there is no one who can hold his hand. But he also has one of the more sensible heads on his shoulders. I mentioned that Jante is a complete CEO material. He has the right amount of drive, ruthlessness and ambition mixed with the ability to create a team and inspire them.

Lastly about me, people had a tough time coming out with negatives…hahaha…well ya I did come across as a stubborn person who once when convinced about his stand doesn’t move away from it come what may and will keep on arguing about it to glory even when all the people around him have a different view. Good points…well…Jante said I know the value of people that’s why I know how to adjust and adapt myself to people and their behaviour. To quote Samir: “Yeh toh yaaron ka yaar hai!” Raman: “To a certain extent he is my hero!”

Sood missed this session. When asked if an emergency strikes who would be the first person that I will call, I named two guys No.1 Sood and No.2 Jante. Which after knowing that one call and all four of them would be there.


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