Friday, November 04, 2005

My Cronies

The following post has been long awaited.Infact its been delayed by almost a year.A complete photo profile of me n my buddies. Lets begin with Raman.
You see him in the pic above looking like a dork while tryin to act smart.He is sweet (only at times) fun to be with(When he's not talkin!This is my blog you see so I am gonna make an ass of everybody) kiddin..he's my beedi partner and completely lovable.But at times he does get a bit irritating making people swallow things they don't necessarily want to swallow. Next in line is Sood.

He is the living example of God's irony. (Ok so he's gonna f#&k my happiness coz of this statement!)He is sweet but he's outspoken too. He's cultured but he can get really crass. But one point that makes him completely different from us is his level of sentimentality. He can get REALLY senti and HOW? But for me personally he's the ever dependable friend of mine. The above pic was given to him by us when he got the best employee award. Samir next.
This maharashtrian delicacy of our group has girls eating outta his hands. A left branist most of the time. An Amitabh Bachchan fanatic. A non-veg freak. When both of us rattle of in Marathi the rest of our gang (A distinct Punjab domination) gets really peeved. He is my partner in drinks. Ever dependable and smiling. He was my first firend in the institute.

The guy sitting to the left is Sachin and the guy next to him is moi. Sorry for the bad light couldn’t get any other pic of his. Sachin – The quintessential CEO material. Ruthless, pragmatic and focused. Infact he can be a good politician too. Most of the times he knows where he is going. Charming and a tough negotiator, tends to get stubborn when cornered. He adds the element of street smartness to the group.

Mehul is goofiness personified. Most of the times he is the butt of our jokes. Smart, genuine and practical. He can drive you nuts when he gets paranoid about something (which he often gets). Faced with a crisis he gets his phone chain out. When he is not having his ass kicked by us he likes to catch up with his girlfriend and fiancée Aarti.(But he ends up getting his ass kicked by her too!!)

So that’s us. I know I am gonna be receiving a lot of flak for such terse and defaming comments of mine.But to sum it - all of them are real gems. Infact Raman was expecting a complete post dedicated to each one of us.Hmmm…lemme think probably some other time dude…I know you will tell me that I have a lota time on my hands but..seriously itna bhi time nahi hai life mein…


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