Thursday, September 15, 2005

Smiley's House

Had been to Smiley’s house yesterday post work to sit with Bala to write our next song. Had good fun. How I wish I could do this all my life! I am so in my elements when I am writing songs or discussing a script. While we were brainstorming for the concept of the song Smiley chipped in and suggested a wonderful concept. Bala suggested writing a prelude to the song in prose. A la Gulzar. Penned something down which all of them loved.

Later Mihir joined us and so did Shefali. We all sat together till almost 3 in the morning. Then when the rest went to sleep Bala and me started the next song and Kalyani joined us at 4 am. Yeah, that’s the time she came. Sat up till 5 am. Then slept at 5.30. Whew!


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