Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sach Baliye!

Spend the entire Sunday and I literally mean the entire day watching Nach Baliye(A celebrity dance programme on Starone channel). They were running a whole day marathon of all its past episodes till now. Since it comes at an outrageous time at 9pm every Thursday which is impossible for me to catch apart from a couple of times here n there.

This was one programme that had me hooked right since day one. I remember watching the first episode at Madhavi’s house. The whole concept is just so superb and the outcome so entertaining! After long I was captivated to an extent that I actually felt bad when I missed the episodes in between.

Last Thursday I was neck deep in work, so while my entire office (in the sense whoever was present at that time) was glued in front of the television set at 9 to watch it enthusiastically, I was busy churning out ideas for a pitch.

But Starone made it up for me by screening all the past episodes in a 10am to 12 night unheard before kind of a marathon series.

It was a pleasure to watch some of these guys gyrate to Hindi film numbers.

Here’s my take on the whole series.

The hottest moves by a female: Malini De (MAN…she looked hot!)

Had a crush on: Shilpa Saklani (Extremely eloquent and easy going. I am a sucker for both!)

Had the hots for: Neeru Bajwa
Hated the overall vibes of: Amit Sadh (Felt he was too oversmart)

Complete entertainer: Varun Badola (The ‘khaike Paan…’ was a once in a lifetime performance)

Loved the moves of: Rajeshwari Sachdeva

Most touching moments:

When Saroj Khan gave her inam to Rajeshwari and Varun

When Apoorva and Shilpa left the show.

The moment that I was sure the episode was orchestrated and fake: the way Varun and Rajeshwari got out.

Would always make me smile: Parmeet Sethi

Laughed my heart out: Parmeet aping Farhan and Shilpa gesticulating like Malaika.

Most riveting performances:

Sachin n Supriya doing the Lejhim

Archana and Parmeet: Chotte Chotte Shehron se (Bunty aur Babli)

Varun n Rajeshwari’s tango on banda yeh bindhaast.

Favourite choreographer: Varun n Rajeshwari’s choreographer Rajiv Surti.

Overrated jodi: Sachin n Supriya n Poonam n Manish

My jodi number one(The one who deserves to win) : Varun n Rajeshwari.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The day i saw Varun and Rajeshwari leaving i lost interest in the show,Couldn believe my eyes that something like that could happen,but then i dont think it was fabricated,He looked so beaten,maybe we are all humans and thats proven here.
I used to come here longback,got hooked over a few posts,specially poetry and ghazals, and lost track of the place after a while but surprise,surprise,after searching for a month i could finally get hold of your blog url:)
Sorry, this time i prefer to be anon

December 13, 2005 8:29 AM

Blogger Ardra said...

our cable operators have stopped relaying star one- and they used to rerun thurs episode on fri afternoon- not any longer, and so i cannot watch- :-(
but why would varun deliberately do that? what could be the motive?

December 13, 2005 11:27 PM

Blogger Sublime Thoughts said...


Curiosity.Oh so evil thy existence. How much does a man suffer because of thou:-(

I demand to know who this is.Or Wud u rather like to shoulder the guilt of ruining the sleep of a certain poor soul?;-)


Sad u missed the episodes.some of them were highly entertaining.M sure they'll show at least one more rerun of better luck then:-)

After watching the likes of Fame gurukul,Indian Idol n other such so called reality shows i have come to believe that reality shows are anything but real.

Its not that Varun did it by himself but that it might be a well thought out channel strategy to increase trps.But then why would they let go off their best pair while they could make the final more interesting!

So u see i dont have all the answers.Probably people like me are reading too much into it or these channels are succeeding in making complete fools outta us who knows??

December 14, 2005 2:07 AM

Blogger Akruti said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

December 14, 2005 6:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha,the guilt factor,No worries,i am ready to take it.
By the way how far did your Poetry publsihing came upto? Heard about it long back,was reading "Ek chauthai Aasman" Beautiful composition,it kind of made me silent for a while,the words there,the feelings attached.I remember Kambal also,another masterpiece:) So plz publish them all into a book and i want to buy a coy and keep it to myself forever. Copying them all from blog is so unethical,so i am refraining myself from doing so:)
By the way did i say that i got back your link from ardra's blog.All this while i used to search for your blog in google under the words "mysticbird" :( and used to feel like kicking myself for loosing the link. I lost the url when you stopped blogging for a few months.
And by the way,the above comment was mine which i published under my name,and realised that would reveal my identity,so deleted it and posting anon again:)
Keep writing and i will b back soon.

December 14, 2005 6:43 AM

Blogger karuna said...

Hmmm... no time for TV, and have grown not to miss it.

December 15, 2005 3:29 AM


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