Monday, December 05, 2005

Pyaasa Again

Vijay(Guru Dutt) has come to his college alumni meet. Since the person who was supposed to sing as a part of the cultural program doesn't turn up Vijay is asked to come and recite some of his shayaris. An obviously bewildered Vijay gets more crestfallen when he sees Meena(Mala Sinha) his ex sitting in the audience. What follows is Sahir's phenomenally touching and stark verse, Guru Dutt’s stoic but intense look mixed with the sensitive and divine voice of Mohd.Rafi.

Tang aa chuke hai.n qash-ma-qash-e-zindagii se hum
Thukaraa na de.n jaha ko kahii.n bedilii se ham

At that instance one man from the audience gets up and says: Ajii janaab khushee ke mauqe par kyaa bedilii kaa raag chedaa huaa hai koii khushee kaa geet sunaaiye

Vijay continues:
Hum gam-zadaa hai.n laaye.n kahaa.N se Khushii ke geet
De.nge wohii jo paaye.nge is zindagii se ham

Ubhare.nge ek baar abhii dil ke walwale
Maanaa ke dab gaye hai.n game-zindagii se ham

Lo aaj hamane tod diyaa rishtaa-e-ummiid
lo ab kabhii gilaa nakare.nge kisii se hum

Listen to it here.


Blogger karuna said...

What college are you in?

December 06, 2005 7:02 AM

Blogger Sublime Thoughts said...

You mean what college am I in right now?If yes..then the question is why do you think I am still in college????;-)

N if u meant what college were u in then I was in R.A.Podar college.

oh...dont remind me of college Karuna lest I stop working right now n go on n on about those days...i presume u r still in college,right?
Buddy enjoy these days till they last..:-)

December 06, 2005 9:27 PM


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