Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Thrilling Week

Now…now…now this week has easily been one of the most brilliant and memorable weeks since donno when. First things first, yours truly picks up a metal at the AAAI awards followed by another metal at the Radio Mirchi Kaan awards within a span of a week!!! Now that’s what I call a perfect windfall!

I still remember the moment when they announced the name of the agency and the brand. It hit me like a rocket. For a moment I couldn’t believe it…the next thing I know I tried to shout but all that came outta my throat was a faint croak. It was fun…it was mighty fun. To add to it Kalyani was there to share those moments with me. Ah…! It was bliss.

The best part about the award show was that it was taking place on the beach, next to the sea. Now picture this –me n Kalyani lying on the cold sand looking up at the stars, with the splash of waves in the background and the breezy wind soothing our senses. At a distant Gary Lawyer crooning Clapton’s ‘Mustang Sally’ in his trademark style. While we were listening to Lata sing ‘Aisa sama na hota’. I don’t remember the last time I experienced such a perfect moment.

The journey back from Goa was howlariously sooper. Although it took us 16 freakin hours to reach Mumbai, but we made the most of it. Began with dumb charades, followed by mango buying spree at Ratnagiri(I got the worst deal amongst us) then the ghost stories session which was really freaky. A pitch dark bus going through the ghats and tales from the crypt. Easily the eeriest sessions ever!

Aerial view of the Goafest Advillage that was created in South Goa.

The gang while having the marathon lunch near Kankavli.

The beach

Nikhil n Santosh para sailing.