Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Some jawans in Kargil,
Fight a losing battle,
While we sit and chatter
In our drawing rooms.

India loses the world cup final,
What angst, heartbreak and colossal anger.
While everyday one of five girls
Gets raped by a horny scavenger,

A smooch is a smooch after all,
But it turns into a national issue for all,
And pray if i may ask,
About the Indian who won the Olympic silver this fall.

Shake a leg and gush a drink,
A new years bash for all to zing,
A new year which sees thousands homeless,
Facing the wrath of nature's mood swing.

Peanut butter on a Mcdonalds burger,
Yeh Pyaas hai badi for the party monger,
Swanky cars and the page 3 gals,
A world that we live in and a world that’s theirs...
Theirs is a world where misery ends with death,
But a world that doesn’t lose its faith.

Mind Fucked!!!

9.03 Virar,
Pocket maar,
Mind Fucked!!

Catch the muster,
Buck up buster,
Mind Fucked!!

Kiss his ass,
Praise the trash,
Mind Fucked!!

Later Friend,
Friendship ends,
Mind Fucked!!

Scavengers' galore,
Couldnt ask for more,
Mind Fucked!!

Dream of a car,
Cant get far,
Mind Fucked!!

Love is lost,
A too high cost,
Mind Fucked!!

Angst and pain,
Crying in vain,
Mind Fucked!!

Endless fights,
Sleepless nights,
Mind Fucked!!

Memory lane,
NO gain,ALL pain,
Mind Fucked!!

Keep hope,
Try dope,
Mind Fucked!!

One day you marry,
Some dreams you bury,
Mind Fucked!!

Then life whizzes by,
And you are left to die
Mind Fucked!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


A drop.A step.A breath.A constant.
A tear.A joy.A feeling.A constant.
A look.A touch.A smell.A constant.
A chance.An occasion.A prospect.A constant.
A gift.A smile.A frown.A constant.
A picture.A memory.A reminder.A constant.
A spite.A conclusion.An act.A constant.

Welcome to the world of constant.