Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Most Romantic Song EVER!

Lata's phenomenal singing. The mood she's set for this monsoon raga is just so right. The 'harkats' that she takes add so much to the feel of the song.

Panchamda's heady music. What melody! What composition! If there was any music director who with his music had the scene come alive in not just your eyes but also your senses, it was Panchamda.

And if you have the picturization of this song in front of you then it's like a dream come true. It takes you to a different land. It doesnt have any fancy dream sets or smoke machines what's worse it shows a city like Mumbai and it shows it during the monsoon. But it feels so right. It feels so utterly blissful. The atmosphere completely envelopes you into its aura, lets you close your eyes and grows goose bumps on your skin. if you look closely you'll realize that the entire song is a guerilla picurization by Basu Chatterjee. I dont think they vacated the streets. they just had amitabh and Moushmi walk through the city in the rain and they just followed them in a cab holding the camera.

And last but not the least is the young fresh Bachchan effect. The image is more endearing than it's than its romantic.

Mumbai in the rains. It's still romantic.


Blogger loving soul said...

last night i was listning to this song... the morning again reminded me of this since it poured real hard... and see i got ur account of the same... very nicely written... loved it..

July 24, 2008 2:01 AM

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