Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sab chale US

What’s with people around me flying to the US?

Mukta goes on a US tour today for her play. She’ll be there for a good one and a half month. On her way back she’ll be dropping by London where she’ll spend a week. Oh what fun! Not just where she’s going also with whom, adds to the fun. What with Mohan Agashe and Sandesh Kulkarni for company what else would one want? I told her to have my share of fun too over there. Told her about my plans. Her first reaction was, “Whew! At last! Sutkecha nishwaas sodla ashil tu.” There’s a special bond that I share with her. Even if we don’t catch up for months together, we always pick up from where we had left the last time, the moment we meet. Hope the friendship stays this way.

On a different and more senti note Amay leaves for the US tomorrow. How much ever he’ll deny it but I know he won’t be back so soon. Feels like an era has ended. Now Amay and very soon Mad will follow him there. My first friend from college along with my other closest college friend Mad will now be settling in the US. All said and done both of them were quite a support system. Even when they went to Poona we didn’t feel the distance so much. Times change.


Blogger Smita said...

Nothing before and more than what you deserve. So patience my child ;D

June 04, 2007 11:05 AM


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