Thursday, June 15, 2006

Phir Hazaron...

Saw Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi again yesterday. And again I quivered at the sheer passion the movie exudes. The rawness of it just slithers down your spine choking your senses while cleansing them at the same time. It’s a piece of work that never fails to inspire me. It’s a composition that shakes me up from within, slaps me across my face and then takes me in its arms and lets me cry.

It makes me feel responsible. It makes me feel irresponsible too. It makes me want to reach out. It makes me want to withdraw.

When I hear ‘Man ye bawraa…” I identify with the anguish that Vikram must have gone through.

And when I hear ‘Bawraa man’ I feel its written for me. I feel it’s written for anybody who has a heart. A heart that hasn’t yet lost touch with its own beat.

My previous post on Hazaron is here.


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