Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rambling Post - Another one of my weekend updates

Note: This is one of my uber rambling posts…that means no grammar. No spell checks. Basically nonsense. Read at your own risk.

Had a wonderful weekend. For starters it began on Friday evening itself. The plan was set a couple of days back for Kandivali. We had mutually decided to meet one of these weekends but the date wasn’t fixed upon. We were waiting for Raman to come from Delhi. Sood called on Wednesday and tried fixing a night-out on Saturday. But Samir as usual had his own stack of excuses. Sunday early morning he had to go out for a family outing and Friday he had a different plan. So I called and got a bit curt with him. Probably that worked in our favour ‘cause he relented and not only that he said that Kandivli could happen. Those were the magic words. The word Kandivali brought back a rush of wonderful memories. During our institute day that’s where we spent some of our most enjoyable night-outs. Back then the whole extended gang was a part of it. Vishal,Vinay,both the Rohits, Amit, Abhishek were some of the guys who weren’t there with us now but with whom once upon a time we had rocked the place. The last time we had been there was in 2003 June for Samir’s birthday.

So Raman n Sood picked me up from Pheonix and we zoomed. The cover charge was 200 bucks and 100 bucks for the petrol. Samir met us at Mahim and Mehul at Bandra flyover.

We were sailing all along until we reached Malad. Choc-o-friggin-bloc traffic. While stuck in a bad, bad jam in Malad, Raman n me got berserk. He put on some nice dance numbers and I started dancing inside the car. And ya know when yours truly decides to get on the dance floor things get a bit..ummm..ahem…wild. So, onlookers on the road and peeping lasses from the adjacent BEST buses got to witness a raunchy n lunatic dance performance. So much so for ‘jam’ session! After much stopping in between signals we reached after an almost 3 hour journey.

So while Samir n Sood went upstairs to get the keys and stuff, I went to the grocery store to shop. I almost bought the entire store – from toothpastes to soaps to plastic glasses etc. then realized there’s no refrigerator at home, so decided to go hunting for ice. Mehul and me reached a bar and asked the man at the counter whether we could buy some ice. He refused. Now behind him I see a newspaper in Kannada. Hehehe I smile to myself and launch into tulu much to the bewildered expression on Mehul’s face. As soon as the owner comes to know that we hail from the same gaon back in Udupi he offers to give us the ice. And boy did he give us ice! Inspite of all our generous helpings it still remained till morning.

At last we start off our session at 11 pm. Raman starts showing us his Rajasthan photographs. Then Mehul takes over and shows us his Europe snaps. And on a fultu unprecedented note we launch into talking about politics and US. The main culprits were Sood n me while a visibly irritated Raman was trying to keep up ;-)Samir as usual was least interested and Mehul noncommittal.

Sood trying to act as if he’s listening while Mehul doesn’t bother.

Raman – Garibon ka Sunny Deol / Govinda take your pick.
Missing ya jaan…Samir cootchie cooing…

Psst...Snaps taken from my new toy MOTOSLVR L7.Look at the freakin clarity yaar.

Later while Sood was snoring away to glory we Raman n me started our antakshari. Next day got waken up rather violently by Mehul(who later paid the price for being violent;-) I was the only one who was gonna take a bath as I had to go to class directly. So these guys dropped me till college, where we ate vada pav.

Today the students were supposed to present their TV script ideas in the form of skits. I had asked them to let their creative juices run amok by taking any product and naming it by any existing brand name. Like what we had done during our college times – Maggi condoms for the quicky ;-) Vidushi was just done with her supervision and was looking stunning in a sari. She thought of attending the presentations. So, both of us sat together and watched the students perform. Quite a good line up it was. I especially liked Onida underwear guys – where the guy wearing it gets all the girls and his neighbour seethes with jealousy and the line comes – neighbours envy owner’s pride. I also liked the Nescafe Isabgol with their line – open up. All in all it was fun. I was surprised to see Vidushi actually sit for the feedback after that.

Anyways…later we decided to call Prachal, Karan and Surbhi too to join us. We headed for Karan’s home, which was nearby. Called Prachal and asked her to join us at infinity mall. All in all had a goodtime with them, sitting at the cafeteria. Prachal reminded me of the Jain-Shirhatti incident and we were in splits.

Ok…incase if you are interested here’s what happened. I assure you it’s as humorous as the word humourous gets. It was my second year in my management institute and we were organizing this festival. I was in the organizing committee. On that particular fateful day as I was heading the marketing department I was to rush for a sponsor meeting. As luck would have it, the printer conked off. I badly needed the printout of the proposal and I had no time to waste. I decided to call Prof.Jain who was the prof-in-charge of the fest. But…but I didn’t have his cell number. So I go to the college office and pester Shilpa who worked there. She out rightly refuses. But I persist. She points towards a file and asks me to take his number from there. I open the file. Jot down the number and rush up on the way hugging Shilpa for her generosity. I sit in our makeshift fest office and I dial the number. I hear an unfamiliar ‘hello’ on the other end. I decide not to plunge into my own tale and be polite. I ask, “Prof Jain???” there’s a pregnant pause. I get restless. Then I hear, “No. this is not Prof.Jain.”. “Oops…!then can you please give the phone to him?” “Who is this speaking?” I tell him my name by now getting impatient. I hear a distant mumble in the background, ‘Prof.Jain phone for your.’ And then I heard it…the fear struck voice of Prof.Jain…”For me?” He comes on line. By that time something inside me is telling me that something’s not right. Something’s so not right. “Hello…” he says. “Sir, the printer is not working sir…kab se try kar rahe hai hum..” “Who is this?” he interrupts me impatiently. I say my name. “Who gave you this number…? Who gave you this number…??” He is screaming as if he is stuck in an elevator for two days. I said, “ igot it from office.” “Keep the phone now…I will see you later in the office…keep the phone down.” Saying he cut the phone. I could imagine him on the other end hyperventilating. And it dawn upon me that I have blundered. I didn’t know how, but iwas sure that I have got myself into shit. It didn’t take long for the suspense to unfold. Within minutes I could hear Shilpa coming to the fest’s office screaming my name. “WHY DID YOU CALL THE DIRECTOR???” “OMG! The director of the institute! The Bal Thackeray himself!!but I had called on Prof.Jain’s cell…omg! That wasn’t his cell…that was…”

And as they say the rest is history. What happened to Prof.Jain you ask? Well he apologized profusely to the director on my behalf (you see our director wasn’t a very social person. My first crime was I had call on HIS cell…you see..its like HIS cell and the second and the most heinous of all crimes was that I called not to speak to him but to Prof.Jain and I asked the director to hand the phone over to him!! Now how bad is that?)

Ok..anyways..this post is turning out to be a loooooong rambling post. So after infinity I met Surbhi and both of us sat together at McDonald’s for sometime. Then came home. Spend time with Kalyani. It was fun. Saw Ray's 'Nayak' the next day. All in all an amazing weekend.


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