Monday, February 20, 2006

Random Update

Had just made up my mind that, nothing doing, come what may, today I shall post then I read Manisha’s comment…so it goaded me to put my ass to the seat n work on the keyboard. life has been pretty much happening…and my excuse for not filling in is the same – I got too f***in lazy.

For starters lets start on an upbeat note cause that’s what I am feeling as of now. I have got a new toy for myself. And no its no kinky stuff…its actually better than that ;-)I got myself a sleek black MOTOSLVR L7…and maaaan it’s a chick piece. All thanx to Raman n Kalyani n my muma to have cajoled me into buying it…coz I was all set to buy the lesser version L6 which costs around 8000 bucks but then these guys offered to sponsor the balance amount n also gave me an inspiring pep talk. Ok enough of me goin on a tangent. Yeah so its sleek n how! It looks like this piece of ebony shining with black luster and makes you conscious of its presence by its sheer beauty. Yeah I know…I need to shut up…but you see I am smitten…so for some days Kalyani will have to kill to get my attention off my prized possession.

Also nowadays am enlightening third year BMS students on the basics of Copywriting. It felt strange the first day I walked into the class and saw those kids sitting on the benches laughing out loudly, some completing their notes, some generally fooling around and I felt as if life had come to a full circle. I couldn’t relate to the fact that I was actually teaching a bunch of students. I felt old…yeah kinda grown up. Now after around 4 sessions we have hit off well. I think they like my lecture, atleast that’s what I would like to believe.

Saw the cotton polyster play (I don’t recollect the numbers! Wonder why Ramu gave it such an obscure name) then on Saturday saw “Aas Paas” which had Chinmay in it. It was a play on 5 of Chkov’s short stories. One of the performances was outrageously hilarious. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard during a play.

Well that’s that. Nothing much. Am amidst writing a qawwali for the album. So more later.


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