Monday, April 24, 2006


The year has begun on a highly optimistic note as far as good reading was concerned.Right from Jan onwards have been getting to read quite a few impressive books.

Reading Milan Kundera's Ignorance right now. Another book which is keeping me occupied is Arthur Miller- His life & work by Martin Gottfried.While I am yet to form an opnion about the former, the latter as expected is full of nice insights into playwrighting styles and nuances.But provided one knows how to recognise a tip when one comes across one.

Picked up Burial at Sea by Khushwant Singh on saturday along with Amartya Sen's Identity and Violence - The Illusion of Destiny.Can't wait to lay my hands on them, but not before I have finished the first two books.

While I had been to pick up Saat Sakkam Trechalis by Kiran Nagarkar I stumbled upon 2 of the super movies of my favourite
director - Govind Nihalani; Drishti & Hazaar Chaurasi ki Ma. Needless to say both are fab movies. They establish Nihalani as one of those few auteur directors of India who has dared to experiment with a new and pertinant issues through his creations.Have been trying to get my hands on one of the other gems from the master - Party.The CD is not available at all.Based on a play by Mahesh Elkunchwar this one rips apart the pseudoglamourous existence of the folks in the elite circle.More on these movies probably in some other post.Have to catch up on a lot of books meanwhile.

PS:If someone has the priced DVD/CD of Party just lemme know please.


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