Monday, October 01, 2007


It’s been long since I actually wrote for myself. Felt the pangs of the words struggling to get out one by one. It’s been a while. I wonder how the words were doing without me around for so long. Like a fickle breeze whose soothing touch entices you initially and you fall for it. You think it will come again and it doesn’t.


Words now flow in torrents like the rain in the month of Ashaadh. With an urgency that makes me feel that they almost have a purpose. They want to humiliate me. Tell me how insensitive I was. How I tricked them into thinking that I cared for them. That I understood their language, shared their pain. But what pains them most now I realize. The fact that I haven’t even bothered to deceive them.


Where were you when the pain that slashed through me also wiped my tears?

Where were you when I spoke to an empty room that filled my senses with your presence?

Where were you?


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