Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Escapade Part I

Last Sunday Sachin had just mentioned that “We guys(that is Sachin,Raman and Mumpy) are gonna go to Chandigarh from here and maybe also to Simla, why don’t you join in?” I was like “Are you crazy? Coming all the way from Mumbai to Delhi then Simla just for a weekend…You must be nuts!” But Sachin persisted, “C’mon man it will be fun…we haven’t been out for quite sometime now.” “Oh..Yeah…but sir I don’t posses the good fortune of being born into a Birla or an Ambani family and what I get at the end of every month for doodling a few lines, doesn’t permit me to indulge into such lavish acts of hedonistic behavior.”But my taunt seemed to have had no effect on Sachin, he hurled a senti remark to combat my sarcasm which was something like, “Since when has money come in between friendship?”Hmmm…

I pondered Mr.Jante you think you can lure me into puffing 5 grands just on a weekend, which involves 36 hours of ruthless traveling?

Well actually he had.

The crafty politician that he is. He knows what bait to give to whom. Promise me a never-ever-heard-of-an-adventure and you have got me.

Hung up on Sachin (after vociferously denying all possibilities of being privy to his proposal) I call Samir. I try selling the idea to him. Surprisingly he who is known to be the rational and sensible person of the group hasn’t completely run down the idea yet. Hmm…blame it on my convincing skills or Samir’s practical side going for a siesta; he decides to sleep over it. As far as Sood was concerned, I just called him and told him that Thursday evening we are leaving for Delhi and we will come back on Monday. Keep your bag ready and meet us at Mumbai Central station on Thursday. That’s it. As usual he said, “Chalo! May I know the reason why we are doing this.” I said, “No.” “Theek hai…”he quiped.

Since then things picked momentum. Next day morning to my surprise Samir agreed. Called Sachin. Asked him to book the tickets. The excitement was palpable. We love doing such things don’t we?

We came to office on Thursday with our bags packed. But we were still 86th on waiting list. Everybody had almost given up. Then Sachin and Mumpy tried to use some of their 'pull'. (Dilliwallahs at the end of the day!)Train was of 4.55 p.m. and till 3.30 we were still waiting for the seat confirmation. At last at 3.40 we got the confirmation. The approach had worked. Long live corruption!

We boarded the train and ya..Sood dropped out coz last minute he had to wait back for a family friend who was to fly to Denmark from Mumbai and was supposed to stay with Sood.
The journey was good. Nothing much to write home about. Except that since we were on the corner 2 seats I slept up and it was like sleeping in a cupboard. They don’t care much for tall people like me.

Reached New Delhi at 10.Sachin apparently had lost his wallet at his place so he couldn’t leave home on time. By the time he left we had already reached the station. Came out. Sachin had told us that the auto fare would be around 50-60 bucks. Phir kya tha. Armed with the actual rate I set out to outwit the intellect of the Dilli auto wala who is much much smarter and craftier than his counterpart in Mumbai.

Reached Sachin’s place. Had a Ram-Bharat milap in the middle of the road outside his place. Got ready. Met Raman at Gola while having lunch. Left to meet Mumpy in his office at Nehru place. While coming back. I was gonna meet a chat friend of mind who ditched me.
And that was fodder enough for the junta to take my case during the whole trip.
Samir was very keen on seeing the monuments in Delhi. Drove to the Rashtrapati bhavan. Clicked some snaps. Reached minutes after the Mogul Garden closed for the day, so couldn’t see it. Went to India Gate. Raman had taken it upon himself to rush things up, whenever he used to see us settled at one place. “C’Mon dudes make it fast!!Come what may we must be on the road to Chandigarh by dusk!”

Mumpy and me left together to go to his place and the rest of the gang was to follow in Raman’s car and catch us at some bypass. Reached Mumpy’s place at 6.45pm.

Met up with aunty (ie Mumpy’s mom) The last time I had met her was two years back when we had been to Udhampur and Akhnoor.Teamed up with aunty and teased Mumpy a bit on his fiancée. Ate the spiciest cheese patties ever.

Left with Mumpy to join the gang at the bypass. Those assholes made us wait for 45 minutes before showing up.

Fastened the seat belts. Pumped up the volume. Felt the adrenaline rush.And the car was zooming towards Chandigarh. Vroooooom…..


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