Friday, January 28, 2005


Its lowtime folks!!!A melancholic…gloomy me. Things at the shop are not so encouraging too. Sometimes I wonder why confrontation is so much of an issue for me? Is it a sign of being a sissy? But then it varies from situation to situation. Sometimes I want to confront. Take life head on…but there are times when I avoid going all upfront…I know in the case of XF I am to be blamed too…I feel like going up to him and saying it…but I cannot make myself to do just that…He being a senior is not helping things much…I think its my ego…whatever it is it doesn’t make my life any easier. So here I am sulking away to glory.

The restlessness is too much. Also the Modhulika episode has given my piece of mind a pounding. Can’t get that darn thing outta my mind too.

You know what?Enuf is just enuf!!I am going to XF right now…What’s the worse that will happen? My ego will have motherf$*%& thrashing…so be it…Mr.Megalomaniac you haven’t yet reached that level in life where you can afford to have such kindda ego and get away with bloody murder…till then learn to keep your SOB swollen head in check..coz its not making life simpler…

If I survive this thrashing will post the rest…till then…so long….(Sulk)


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