Thursday, January 27, 2005

From Run in the morning to Song from the Nineties..

Call me a weirdo or whatever but in the morning if I listen to the songs from Run it makes my day.I luvvvv those songs.My friendz think that I have gone beserk.On one side I worship Rafi,R.D.,Kishore,Shobha Gurtu,Kishori Amonkar,Sultan Khan and on the other side I like listening to sidey rickshaw songs like "Sarki chunariya re..Zaara zaara".Moi thinks I was a taxidriver in my last incarnation.My past is trying to catch up with me.;-)

List of songs I love to listen to in the morning before leaving for work:

1.Tere aane se aaye,Tere jaane se jaye....(Run)(complete dance number...)
2.Chain ho chain ho...(Run)
3.Dil Mein Jo Baat - (Run)
4.Sarki Chunariya Re Zara Zara (Run)
5.Saathiya tune kya kiya(Love)Gets me nostalgic.
6.Jaane kya baat hai (sunny)The melody of this song gets u into a different world.
7.Bachna aye haseeno lo mein aa gaya.Energitic.
8.O maiya kero kero kero mama(Arjun)Rebel's song
9.Aye mere humsafar (QSQT) Inspiring
10.Pehla nasha & Yaha ke hum sikandar (Lively)

Also now that this topic has come up I also patronise most of the songs from the nineties which the purist side of me would rather ignore.They being..(The list is on the basis of memory occurence and not on the basis of preferance)

1.Aye mere humsafar (Baazigar)
2.Chaha toh bahut (Imtihaan)
3.Yeh raat yeh tanhaiyaan (Gunaah) Nice longing melody.
4.Dil hai ke maanta nahi
5.Paagalpan cha gay,dil tumpe aagaya(Janam)This is one helluva rare song.M sure nobody must have ever heard of it.But still its very romantic.
6.Dil kyun dhadkata hai Another gem of a song from Janam.
7.Dil hai mera diwana & kehti hai dil ki lagi (Raju ban gaya gentleman)
8.Aye kash ke hum(Kabhi haan Kabhi naa)I worship this song.This moves me whenever i hear it.When Kavita & moi were breakingup this song was playing in the background.What an irony!
9.Lagne laga hai mujhe aaj kal(Chor aur chand)I used to sing this for Kavita.
10.Sapnon mein aana (Chor aur Chand)
11.Tere dar par sanam (PTKYA)both male and female versions.
12.Sheher ki pariyon ke peeche(JJWS)Nothing spectacular about this song,but reminiscent of those days.
13.Vaada raha sanam & Khud ko kya samajhti hai (Khiladi)
14.All the songs of Aashiqui(they rock man.M sure hindi song buffs wud agree with me.)
15.Lagi aaj sawan ki(Chandni)
16.Chappa chappa & Chod aaye hum (Machis)
17.O mere sapno ke saudagar (Dil hai ke manta nahi)
18.Sun sun barsaat ki dhun & Yeh ujli chandni jab (Sir)
19.Khate hai hum kasam(Aatish)
20.Yeh mera dil (Gardish)(M sure not many people know that the music director of this song is R.D.)
21.Sambhala hai maine (Naraaz)

The list wud go on and on...I m sure I have missed gallons(Coz i think songs are liquid.They drench you.Sometimes you like it sometimes you dont) of songs...Will keep on adding more as and when I remember.


Blogger Saira said...

Are you sure you're 24 years old????? The songs in that list are aged!!!!!!!


February 01, 2005 10:56 PM

Blogger Sublime Thoughts said...

If u call these songs aged then ahem...You havent seen my Eighties,Seventies and Sixties list yet!!!(Its due soon!)Then wot wud u call them?Ice age(d)?????:-)

And ya...I am very much 24..wonder wot age's got to do with songs?*pacing up & down the room with a confused look*

February 02, 2005 2:44 AM

Blogger Nakul said...

Oh, brilliant list. The early 90s had some great music happening till A. R. Rahman came along, spawning a billion talentless imitators none of whom could either match his genius, nor compose stuff like the great Anand-Milind songs of the late 80s (QSQT, etc) and early 90s Nadeem-Shravan hits (Ashiquee...). Tragedy.
What about these songs: Tumhein chhede hava chanchal, sharaarat tumse seekhi hai (I think it was in a film called Salaami), Tumsa koi pyaara koi masoom nahin hai (Khuddar, which also had the very brilliant Neeli neeli aankhen :)), Yeh Raat Khushnaseeb Hai (Aaina).

February 03, 2005 7:24 AM

Blogger Sublime Thoughts said...

Gee its nice to know ur affinity towards these songs too..most of the songs in the list r for pure nostalgic reasons...Do watch out for my 80s list which is gonna come soon ;-)

February 04, 2005 4:11 AM

Anonymous Asanga said...

Yeah. I love that song 'Paagalpan Chha Gaya' from Jaanam(1993). Not only I have listened to it but also it's one of my favourites. I have 4 songs of Jaanam.

1.Paagalpan Chha Gaya
2. Teri Chaahat Ke Siva
3.Dil Kyon Dhadkta Hain
4. Meri Dil Ka Pata

I love them all. I'm only 21 years old.

December 11, 2006 11:26 AM


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