Monday, January 24, 2005

Absent minded wandering...

Was going thru myriad blogs the whole day.I have always been keenly intersted about the day to day life of ppl who shared traits similar to me.So many people.So many experiences.It humbles you.No,infact it reassures you to know that its not just you who has had a bad day at work or a melacholic evening.

Called Kalyani to fix up a time to watch Page 3.I m really looking forward to watch it.Madhur is a very sensible film maker.Whenever he takes up a theme or a background for his movies he researches it to the hilt.While on my trip to Kamathipura and the other Red light areas (Ok..before our fickle mind wanders...we were researching for the short film on the plight of minor CSWs) during discussions when the topic steered towards the film,all the CSWs who were there unanimously thought that it was the most realistic film made on this issue.One of them who was a bar girl exclaimed,"Aisa lagta hai yeh apnaich life ka story bolta hai."(the english words are not added by me.)I am sure if Madhur would have been there he would have felt touched and humbled...Way to go dude...hope you have worked the same magic in Page 3...(Dont worry I have forgotten the bad dream called Aan)Ok..gotta go now..Kalyani is waiting at the reception....Byeeeeeeeee


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